Candy Camper Buffet
  • Unlimited sweets for 2-hours
  • Minimum of 100 guests
£3.00 per guest
Additional hours charged at £1.00 per guest
Candy Camper Sweet Shop
  • We'll provide you with Candy Camper tokens, personalised for your event, to give to your guests
  • Guests then exchange their token for sweets at the Candy Camper
  • Each token is worth a 100g serving of sweets
  • Standard 2-hour appearance
£100 + £1.80 per guest
Candy Camper Wedding Favours
  • We’ll provide a favour jar for each guest for you to lay at their place setting
  • Jars will be prepared in advance with a Candy Camper gift tag in each; tag will be personalised for your wedding
  • Guests can then fill up their favour jar with sweets of their choice at Candy Camper
  • As standard, we use hexagonal 12oz glass jars which will hold approximately 100g sweets
£100 + £1.80 per guest

All options include: